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Tax Policy

Tax issues affect every sector of the economy, and are some of the most complex issues in government. To have an impact one must have strong knowledge of the process as well as relationships on Capitol Hill, the Department of the Treasury and Internal Revenue Service.

The team at RR&G offers in-depth knowledge of the issues and relationships with key offices and agencies to affect tax policy at every level. Walter Raheb served on the House Ways & Means Committee staff under Chairman Bill Archer (R-TX), and has strong relationships at both Ways & Means, and the Senate Finance Committee. Geof Gradler handled Finance Committee issues for Senator Richard Shelby and subsequently for Tom DeLay’s Leadership Office where he worked with the House tax writing committee on revenue matters.

As the fiscal pressures for the federal government continue to mount, tax issues promise to be a major issue for the foreseeable future and stakeholders will need representation that can keep pace with the shifting dynamics.